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🛠️ Fixed Scrolling bug

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🛠️ Fixed Scrolling bug

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Lab rat
It happens on Firefox Mobile if you drag the page with light quick swipes, but a big swipe can get me to the top of the page and break out of the loop.
On desktop also, if I unlock my scroll wheel and just let it roll, I can get to the top of the page, and the bug wont happen again until I refresh the page.

Doesnt seem to happen in Chrome (desktop) either, maybe FF specific?

Oblivion Knight

Setting this back to "In progress" - somebody on XF.com has reached out experiencing a similar issue. Going to set up the post again for testing.
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Oblivion Knight
Oblivion Knight commented
So it turns out that XenForo removed some code in 2.2.4 which fixed this bug, but I re-added it to fix an issue with attachments in the Wiki reported via PM by @jamesyfx.. 😆 I've added a more explicit CSS rule to hopefully combat this for the time being. Thanks for the original report @apathy.