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Scariest part in a non-horror game?

  • jamesyfx
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Sep 24, 2020
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For me, it's definitely an unintended thing that happened to me in Outer Wilds.

I sometimes play it with a VR mod called NomaiVR, where the game is converted into a full-fledged VR title.

Essentially I had just gotten into my ship, and I headed towards Giant's Deep (a huge gas giant planet which has a water surface that is littered with huge tornadoes). I wasn't prepared to enter the atmosphere (I was being a pansy) so I just parked in orbit outside, got out of my pilot seat and walked around the ship a little bit.

While I was just contemplating, building up some courage to delve through the clouds, my ship gets smacked on the side by a huge object that orbits Giant's Deep at high speed (I hadn't realised I was in the way), and it sends me spinning and plummeting down through the atmosphere where I continued to spin down to the surface, then I crashed into the water that covers the planet, next I get dragged under the water by some high speed currents which led me to the bottom of a tornado.. which then proceeds to whip me up into the air in a spiral, up through the atmosphere and then I find myself floating gently back into space.

I was SO disoriented. My character was bouncing around the inside of the ship like a pinball machine as I'd got out of the seat too. Dizzy and freaked out for sure!

If it wasn't in VR, it still would have been crazy.. but because I was totally in there.. I was gone. My brain was mush and I had to take some time. :thumbsup_face:

It absolutely ruined me. :hands_covering_face:

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