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Oblivion Knight

The Reviews section of Umbrella Online is now live!

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Admittedly this has had limited testing, but I don't envisage any problems. Eventually all items that are posted within the database sections will be added as items that you can review, but this is all done manually so please be patient.. :) For now at least, only staff are able to add new items. The Resident Evil games, movies, and one of the upcoming TV shows have all been added - so if you fancy yourself as a bit of a critic, feel free to submit a review.

Books and Soundtracks will be added on an ad-hoc basis since there are no database sections for these. If you would like to write a review on one of these, create a discussion thread in the relevant forum and either reply to this thread, or send me a PM.

I hope you will enjoy and make use of this feature, I feel like they're a perfect compliment to our community.


Lab rat
Very nice, I've never really seen a forum have a dedicated review section outside of just having a board for one. I don't write much cos I find it too difficult to put thoughts into words but I do like writing reviews from time to time... Perhaps I'll give it a shot and try submit one here if I can ever get around to replaying the SH games.

Oblivion Knight

I'm slowly going through and fixing up the 'cover' images before adding more content.. :french_beret:

Nobody has taken up the challenge of writing a review yet, will you be the first?
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Oblivion Knight
Oblivion Knight commented
The 'covers' are about as good as they're going to get (I'm not 100% happy with some of them, but meh).. More content to be added shortly.