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Resident Evil has ruined other games because….


This is just for fun!

What features in Resident Evil games have been so ingrained into your gaming habits that they may just disappoint you when you try them in other games and they don't do what you expect…?

Here's my examples:

- I shoot all birds and critters.. hoping they leave a pickup behind. They never do outside of RE4/5 etc!

- Fire systems. Since RE3 I try to interact with every damn fire hose or fire system I find in games.

- I won't automatically assume a creature / monster is dead unless there is a pool of blood under it. Courtesy shots required.

- I'll have a niggling feeling in the back of my mind that saving too often might affect any unlocks I may get after finishing the game.

- I never use items or resources unless desperate. Even in games where things seem plentiful.

- On a related note, I'll always stick to a handgun or other default weapon in games, even if it seems ridiculous to do so.

Thanks a lot Capcom! :zombie_kissing_heart:


Alex (Evil Resource)
I'm with you on all of those. I'm a proper hoarder when it comes to any games, probably rooted from playing Resident Evil. This means I inevitably face the final boss of a game with a whole arsenal of high-powered weaponry, and only end up using a small fraction of it on the boss. And the use of highly potent healing items (like Elixer's in Final Fantasy) seldom get used as I always have that niggling feeling that I'll end up in a situation where I need it and I don't have it. I need a way to untrain my OCD for hoarding!
Well, I think the reason for crows not dropping anything in the older RE games, is basically because RE4 introduced action elements where ammo is now too plentiful, and you purchase weaponry to make the game even easier than it ought to be.

In the games set in and around Raccoon City, the birds and animals were likely too occupied with their new viral infection, to care about collecting sparkling objects. But I wouldn't look into it too much anyway.

It makes no sense either way, due to the shift in gameplay style that was intentional on Capcom's part. This is essentially an action game that then kidded on it was supposed to be like a survival horror title (which it still kind of is, to a certain extent). But those gameplay mechanics were radically lowered during RE4, 5 and several other games.

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