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Resident Evil Games - What is your most ridiculous accomplishment?

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Resident Evil Games - What is your most ridiculous accomplishment?


Specifically with Resident Evil games... what would you say is your most ridiculous accomplishment?

Several years back I completed the entire campaign of Resident Evil 5 using just my pistol as my main weapon upgraded to the max. :LOL:


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Iā€™ve always played Resi 4 and 5 with just the default weapon. I know there are better guns to use.. but hey, I like what I like..! Once you get into a nice rhythm with a particular tool you wanna just keep using it.

Ive tried to do knife only runs on the earlier Resi games but the bosses just screw me over big time. Plus it requires mega patience.

Is it an accomplishment for owning probably 10 different versions of Resi 4? šŸ˜‚


1. The original GameCube release.
2. Wii version
3. PS2 version
4. The FIRST PC version (that only had keyboard controls. No mouse or controller)
5. The second PC version
6. The third PC version.. the decent HD version
7. Xbox 360 version
8. PS3 version
9. PS4 version

.. alright.. 9 versions then.