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Resident Evil 7 with Ray Tracing

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Resident Evil 7 with Ray Tracing


Since the new versions are now out, I thought I would record a simple gameplay video of the intro sequence of 7 on PC with all the settings tuned to the maximum and Ray Tracing set to on, again with everything there also maxed out. Resolution is set to 1080p and AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution is turned off (so it is 1:1 1080p resolution, no super sampling or upscaling).

Truthfully, some quality has been lost in the capture process, so it looks a bit 'jpeg artefact-y', and I think at first glance you probably won't notice a difference. But if you play them side-by-side (sorry, don't have the patience to do that myself... :thumbsup_face:) there are quite a lot of differences owing to the Ray Traced lighting and materials, particularly with shadows and environmental stuff. I would probably just first start looking at Ethan's famous hands and you'll notice there's far more shadow and stuff. Plus the dark areas are SUPER dark (in fact I did get lost a couple of times due to this, and I had to wait for Ethan's eyes to adjust sometimes too).

Some of it does look a bit weird, such as the grainy shadows. I could probably have rectified this by using the FidelityFX option and gone for an upscale, or even recorded it at 4K and downsampled it. But hey, this is what I went with for this demo!

Well, here you go:

We also have RT enhanced versions of the 2 and 3 remake, but I believe that 7 has had the most impactful upgrade. It is the eldest, after all.