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It was bound to happen eventually, yet another re release of Resident Evil 4, this time exclusively for Facebook's Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset. The game is exactly Resident Evil 4 however you play the game through (mainly) Leon's eyes, with the Touch controllers being your hands.

I don't have a Quest so can't personally try it, but critical reception has been very good, the game translates well to VR as the areas are individually small by todays standards which is suitable for this kinda thing. There are multiple ways to use weapons - either the immersive VR fashion by picking up weapons from your body, loading them by hand etc.. or a more videogamey item selection wheel.

So yeah apparently Resident Evil 4 serves as a great game in VR. Who knew?!

Some other things that I've seen; all the cutscenes are basically set up like movies - Leon gets transported to a flat screen to watch while they play. It's quite jarring but we've seen this kinda thing before with non-VR games that have been made into VR (MotherVR for instance). It's a shame they couldn't have redone all the cutscenes with a VR view, but I can see why they chose this option - game cutscenes usually have way more going on than you'd think e.g. light sources hopping around and characters and things teleporting around while the camera changes so it would've been a LOT of work to fix this stuff and still make it familiar.

They've also cut some of the more sleazy dialogue which personally I think does it a favour.

Aaaand best of all you can now move and shoot, which was one of the most frustrating things about regular Resi 4.

So yeah.. anyone looking to get a Quest 2? Or maybe you have one already... What do you think? It's a shame you can't play this on other VR hardware. Maybe someday!