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Does anyone here use Reddit?

They're in the spotlight at the moment because (long story short) they're going to start charging a fee for using their API if your script uses more than 100 API requests. So basically anything that uses Reddit data to function.. will have to be paid for now. Unless its extremely lightweight.

One of the major users of its API was for alternative apps to browse Reddit on. One of the main ones being Apollo. The guy who runs it worked it out, and he would have to pay roughly $2 million per month to use the API under the new scheme, Apollo used 7 billion API requests in a month recently.

So the Reddit community has tried to do a backlash of sorts, with many subreddits locking down and become private. It was an attempt to prove that the community is what keeps Reddit ticking.. but it kinda didn't work. It made little to no impact.

There's also Spez (Steve Huffman), who is the CEO and one of the founders of Reddit.. and he's been quite aggressive and dishonest.. and a lot of the backlash has been aimed at him. You can look into it more yourself and form your own thoughts if you wish.

I think its fine for Reddit to charge to use their API. Its their technology after all, they aren't obligated to give it away.. But the pricing is ridiculous - nobody's gonna want to make anything serious using it. Even some basic moderator bots will have to be paid.

But yeah.. despite all that.

I use Reddit quite a lot. I'm not a serious user, but its a heck of an active community with all kinds of black holes you can go down. I wonder what its gonna be like once the new API things kick in...

Oblivion Knight

I've never really seen the fascination with Reddit, I've used it a couple of times when a thread has come up in Google search results - it feels generally unorganised, but maybe that's just me being an old-fashioned forum die-hard 🤭

I did hear about the new pricing structure for API usage though, and some labelled it as the start of the demise of Reddit - but whether that actually happens is doubtful given it's massive user base.


I don't think a lot will change overall, truth be told. As I would assume that over 95% of its users will consume it through official means.. I've never used third-party apps or anything.

I was averse to Reddit for a really long time - I'm a pretty recent user (3+ years), at first I struggled to connect with it but now I'm enjoying the random things it throws at me based on what it thinks I'm interested in. I even interact with subreddits I have no business being near because the algorithm throws something my way and I get hooked. :hands_over_eyes: I'm not subscribed to it but I keep getting posts from the McDonalds employee subreddit for example.

I joined because I wanted to talk about retro gaming somewhere and it seemed like the best place.
I used to, only because it's active. I don't think it's great. But I guess you can just ignore users who get ratty.

I only really post on Biohaze, here, and one other forum called Silent Hill Community. But the activity has just declined on forums everywhere online, besides GameFAQs. But I don't like that site. It's full of idiots who don't like opinions, and they flame certain users, which leads to off topic squabbling.

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