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Reactions are a built-in feature with XenForo software, but in true Umbrella Online fashion these have been slightly customised. There are also parts of this functionality that are easily missable, so thought I'd write a handy reference.. 😎

Reactions are usually found in the bottom right corner of a piece of content, and are used to give an indication of what you thought about it. Simply hover over the "Like" button, the available reactions will be shown, and select one that is relevant to how you feel about that content. These form a "Reaction score" per user, but more on this later..

You'll notice the display changes once you have selected a Reaction. This can be hovered over again to show the available actions if you wish to change your mind, or a reaction can be completely removed by selecting the same reaction again.

A reaction summary will be created below the content if this is the first reaction to it, or your reaction will be added to an existing summary.

alert.png 1604759226772.png
You will be notified when you have received a reaction to a piece of your content through the Alerts system.

Like +1
❤️ Love +2
🤣 Haha +1
😎 Cool +1
🙁 Sad 0
🥱 Yawn 0
🙄 Rolleyes 0
🤮 Eww 0
🤬 Angry 0
💩 Shit 0
I briefly touched upon "Reaction score" earlier, above are the point values of each reaction given. I contemplated using one or two negative values here, but felt they could be mis-used and/or open to abuse. For example, if somebody's beloved pet had died - unless you're some kind of masochist, the last thing we want to do is reduce their reaction score for people reacting Sad to the news! This could be re-visited and tweaked in the future for crowd moderation, however.

1604760494120.png 1604760602400.png
A user's Reaction score is displayed on their Member card or Profile. Your Reaction score is also displayed on your Account menu. Note that at the time of posting this guide, I have a Reaction score of 21.

1604793213431.png 1604793344578.png
The reactions that you have received to date can be found via the link in your Account menus, which displays the post for which it was received and this can also be filtered on a per reaction basis.

nav.png 1604793799603.png
Finally, there's a mini-leaderboard for Highest reaction score within the Members section.