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Quake 2 RTX


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Just thought I'd share a video I recorded showcasing just how much of an impact full ray traced everything (reflections, refractions, global illumination, shadows and ambient occlusion) and path tracing can have on a game that's over 23 years old. The reflections and lighting are incredible I think you'd agree!

Also, you'll notice the framerate isnt a smooth 60fps - I have a G-SYNC display so while I was playing it felt like a smooth 60... only when playing back the recording I noticed it was between the 40's and 50's! A testament to just how amazing G-SYNC displays are too. I'm not totally sure how it works but as far as I know it just perfectly synchronises the display refresh rate to the framerate so everything feels smooth at all times.

I'm also sorta testing how I'm capturing gameplay - the last couple of times I tried and the quality was a bit lacking. I think I've nailed it here.

Plus.. I need something to do while I'm self-isolating.... :cautious:


how'd i get to be so good?
Nice, that looks incredible! It's funny I can only really notice the RT in older games or like Minecraft, it's kinda lost on me for games with hyper-realistic graphics.
Kinda funny that even in Quake the RT performance hit is still there