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Quake 2 has had a remaster


If you've owned the original Quake 2 game on Steam, you already own it. It just got updated with the new version automatically.

It's not a remake, but it's been modernised and all the different versions of Quake 2 have been transformed into one cohesive package. So all of the mission packs and the N64 version have been thrown into this. It feels weird saying this is Quake 2 but it is not running on the Quake 2 engine anymore.

It was worked on by Nightdive Studios and moved over to their KEX engine. This was done as it allowed the game to run basically the same as it did on the Q2 engine but with modern accoutrements such as up to 4K resolution, updated models (without the Quake 2 wobbling vertices!) and modern post-processing effects. It also includes a bunch of behind the scenes extras and playable re-creations of some maps shown at gaming events. Which is pretty neat.

Note that this is not Quake 2 RTX, which is a different thing being worked on by Nvidia. Quake 2 RTX is just old Quake 2 with ray tracing bolted on.

I was interested either way, as I've got a lot of fond memories of playing Quake 2 on PC and lots of different consoles. Plus, it cost me nothing extra.

The original game is stored within the game files as well just in case for some reason you prefer the OG version. So don't worry if you're a purist.

Oblivion Knight

..and the PlayStation trophies are disappointingly easy in comparison with the first game, you essentially get the platinum by just playing through it on any difficulty šŸ˜’

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