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PS Plus Free Games

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PS Plus Free Games


Walking dead
Does anyone else love playing some of the free games for PS Plus subscribers? This month is especially good for PS5 owners because we get Wreckfest which is going to be amazing to play with the DualSense controller.


Virus cell
I love the free games each month, but as I don't own a PS5 yet, I'm a bit bummed I won't get to play Wreckfest. Can still claim it, of course, but can't actually download it and play it.


Lab rat
I don't subscribe myself (as I barely use my PS4) but yeah my sister and one of my mates have always had great things to say about the games you get, I saw Yakuza Kiwami being part of it maybe a year ago which is pretty sweet.


Wiki team
I’ve had Wreckfest on PC for a number of years and while it was still in betaI kept up to date with it for the longest time when it was called Next Car Game...

I’ll pick it up on PS5 since it’s free, hopefully a game like that will be awesome with the dual sense pad.

Last months free game was Soulstorm, which was decent as it had just come out. I tend to be more drawn towards the discounts rather than the monthly games, as those are permanent.. even when you cancel you can continue playing.

Oblivion Knight

I download them almost religiously, but I don't really have time to play them sadly - they just get added to the backlog.

The last few months have been pretty decent, hopefully it continues.
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Ash commented
That's the same as what I do really. Even if I know I won't actually play the game, I still make sure to add it to my library because it's free. The last few months have been amazing for me because I've actually got games that I would play!