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Oblivion Knight

You may have noticed the "Partners" section in the footer, and we have been partners with @TopSilver's Mind Piff (General discussion) for some time.. As of last night, we have a second partner in @apathy's Fortree Forums (Pokémon). I'm a member of both sites; I enjoy their atmosphere and have been largely impressed with how both communities operate. Whilst they're completely unrelated to Resident Evil and survival horror, I feel like they're both worthy partnerships and it will hopefully be of benefit to both parties.

Please show your support and give our partners a visit, especially if you're interested in networking and meeting new people! If you're interested in partnering with Umbrella Online, please feel free to reach out!


Lab rat
It's a total honor to be partnered with somewhere like UO where it's immediately obvious how much love and care has been put into it. Really looking forward to seeing you guys prosper :D


Walking dead
Thank you @Oblivion Knight for the kind words. I really appreciate the partnership. Umbrella-Online seems to have a good bit of potential and I look forward to watching both our sites grow in the coming days. I appreciate it.
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