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You wake from a cryogenic sleep with no memory. Stumbling through an underground base, you discover that an evil virus courses through your veins. You must find an antidote...and soon. With help from a friendly robot and a mysterious woman, you must battle infected clones and uncover the secrets of the base. Survival is only half the battle -- to prevail, you must defeat the mysterious scientist who controls your destiny.

- Control 3 characters with unique abilities to complete your quest

- Full camera movement in a 3D environment, including 1st person mode.

- Gather clues, manage resources and use your intuition to stay alive
Players: 1
Co-op: No
Genre: Adventure, Horror
Publisher: Electronic Arts

Game information provided by TheGamesDB

Oblivion Knight

OverBlood is apparently regarded as one of the first survival horror games to make use of a fully three-dimensional virtual environment..

I finished this game back in the day.. and remember nothing about it (other than the graphics being poor, even in the PSX era)! Dare me to play through it again? šŸ˜…


This was my first survival horror game way back as a kid. I never ever have beaten it myself, but watched others do so. Such a trip down memory lane for me.

Black Bass

Yeah. The main character wakes up on a space station. This little robot just beeps at him to communicate, and it's sad what then has to go and happen.

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