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🗣️ Community Original domain re-acquired

Exciting news! The original domain of Umbrella Online (umbrellaonline.co.uk) has successfully been re-acquired, and a redirect has been put in place.

It remains to be seen whether this will result with an increase in traffic and/or returning members, but that is the hope.. 🙂


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Nice job. Obviously, no issues with the current domain but the original domain does look a lot cleaner.

Was it a difficult job to get it again?
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Oblivion Knight
Oblivion Knight commented
It expired at the end of July this year, I've been closely monitoring it since and happened to notice it was available for registration again on 29th October..

This was after I enquired about it when Umbrella Online relaunched, and they wanted £600 for it!
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Nice! I've had a few domains myself nearly expire, can't imagine the trouble you went through getting it.
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Oblivion Knight
Oblivion Knight commented
Truthfully I never intended on reviving the Umbrella Online project, but things change.. 😉

..but yeah, it's been quite the task getting it back!


Good thing you picked it up - the worst thing is having one of your old domains owned by a domain parker or squatter. I've bought plenty of domains in the past that I've just let expire.. I would dread to think what some of them point to now!
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Oblivion Knight
Oblivion Knight commented
The trouble is it becomes expensive to keep them all, especially if you're not really using them.. I picked up a few that partially redirect to Umbrella Online (they have issues with https redirection), but I'll probably let them go once it comes to renewing them.

Oblivion Knight

I'm freeee.. free fallin'!
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I'm aware of an issue with the secondary domain currently not pointing to the website, and have flagged this with our hosting provider.