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đź“° News New Silent Hill game has a title

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UPDATE: None of this was announced at the recent Silent Hill event that Konami hosted on YouTube. Mira was behind it all, all along!

Things have been fairly quiet about the next Silent Hill game, but due to the way paperwork is handled, sometimes things will get out there as content is handed over to different companies in different regions.

This leak happened when a bunch of games from many different developers were submitted to the Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee. On their website (which is open and available to the public), a csv file containing game titles which have been submitted for review can be viewed. Sandwiched in the middle of the list is a game called Silent Hill: The Short Message.

Now this would usually be taken with a pinch of salt, but literally every other game on that list is a game with the correct name (including all kinds of games including Doom 3 and FIFA 23) so it can be pretty safe to assume that this will be the title of the game. It was submitted in August 2022, which is also another indication that the game is pretty much content complete, just needs tweaks from Quality Assurance and playtesting.

So yeah, there it is. Silent Hill: The Short Message
There's a good chance that this is a playable teaser similar to that of P.T. - it has been previously referred to as "Project Sakura" with rumors of SMS messaging to be one of the key features.

Though until there's official confirmation, take this with plenty of salt.
Looks like there was a load of announcements yesterday, I didn't watch any of the streams but what I gather is that theres 2 new games coming out (one is being written by the Higurashi & Umineko author which is REALLY interesting), a remake of Silent Hill 2, an "interactive experience" (like Bendersnatch or whatever that thing was called maybe?) and a new movie

Umineko is one of my favorite stories ever so I think that particular game has the potential to be the best Silent Hill in friggin years đź‘€

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