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📰 News Netflix Series Cancelled after 1 Season

All things come to an end, and unfortunately for the Netflix series, it has ended just after one season, only a few months after it was released to the masses. While it obviously didn't do anywhere near as well as Netflix would have liked, the fact that it even existed and was given a chance is good enough for people like me. Sure, there are a lot of threads untold and it's sad that we'll not see another outing of Lance Reddick as Wesker (the best part of the show) but still - it'll remain as-is on Netflix for the foreseeable, so there's still no harm in checking it out.

According to reports, the decision was made to cancel the series based on its standing in Netflix's own Top 10 trending lists, internationally. While it started strong in its first few weeks, it then dropped out of the Top 10 and never got back in there.


how'd i get to be so good?
A shame, I think Netflix and the like have a bit of a habit of cutting off series a bit prematurely though

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