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Natural Selection 2

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Natural Selection 2


how'd i get to be so good?
Been shiteing on about this game forever, but with Matchmaking coming in an update next week sometime it seems like a great time to make a thread :D

Anyone here play this or the original Half-Life mod it's a sequel to? If you don't know it's a competitive RTS/FPS hybrid where an Alien team and a Marine team face off against each other, 1 player on each team will take the role of a Commander (the RTS bit) whereas the rest of the team are the soliders/aliens on the field (the FPS bit) who need to build/defend the commanders structures whilst pushing the enemies territory and destroying their structures to harm their economy.

This seems to be a game a LOT of people already have in their Steam libraries, and even put in maybe 5-10 hours before never coming back to it. The game has generally done a poor job at explaining itself, and with the high skill ceiling and all the little nuances about the game it really can be a difficult thing to master.

Thankfully, the matchmaking update ("Thunderdome") is aiming to fix a lot of this - high tier players and rookies should never be paired up anymore, there are punishments for continuously leaving games, theres been a redesign to the Armory UI to help better explain when & where to use the different weapon & grenade types, and I think there may have been some changes made to the tutorials also but I'm not certain about that.

The game's already dirt cheap but I'll be picking up some copies once the update is out to gift around to friends, Chaos & Nyko over on FF play it also so if anyones up for playing sometime let me know and I'll pick you up a copy!