Moonlighter. Pokemon style game for Xbox/PS4/Nintendo

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Moonlighter. Pokemon style game for Xbox/PS4/Nintendo


Walking dead
So here it is. A pokemon style game released a very long time ago. It's sort of a mix between Zelda and also Pokemon. There are no pokemon but the town to town style like Zelda and it's one of the funnest games I've played - I am speechless at how fun. even though I've only started the beginning. I plan to play it again soon.

Well done with this release though it's old news. Has anyone played it? This is my first time.


Lab rat
I've not played it yet, but I have had it in my wishlist for quite a while. The art looks pretty comfy and yeah I deffo do get a bit of a Zelda vibe from it, at least from the screenshots.

Oblivion Knight

I've never heard of it.. šŸ˜Æ

It seems to be on most platforms and has received pretty decent reviews though.. I'll keep my eyes open for it going on sale (again).