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Miscellaneous updates

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Miscellaneous updates

Oblivion Knight

Staff member
A number of miscellaneous updates have gone / are going live this week :cool:
  • Alerts summarised where applicable (eg. multiple new reactions and/or replies to the same post)
  • Attachments can be uploaded to conversations
  • Conversations now searchable
  • Editor colours added (the bottom row are colours that are used throughout the site)
  • Official game/movie discussion threads (examples can be seen in the First generation forum)
  • Sharing options added (Blogger, LinkedIn, Skype, Evernote)
  • Username change requests can be cancelled by a user prior to approval
  • View own content edit history
Most of the identified (unreported) bugs have been fixed, and a few improvements have been made to the backend.

Work is ongoing with the Wiki - I posted an update in regards to this earlier this week. I don't have much else to report on this at the moment other than it is coming. It has definitely been a larger task than initially anticipated.

Don't forget to check out the Have you seen...? forum to keep informed with the various tools at your disposal.

The recent server move has been a total success, and I feel the site is running better than ever (despite going through a bit of a quiet spell).. (y)