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Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas!


I'd just like to throw a message out there to all of those good eggs that are still checking in here despite the lack of content and general buzz. I hope you guys all have a wonderful Xmas and New Year!

How have you guys celebrated this year? Admittedly it has been a tough one for me personally. My family usually book a pub out and have a posh 3 course Xmas dinner. We found out last minute yesterday though that the landlord has Covid so it's been cancelled. Bah!

... Quick trip to the butchers (which ended up being a LONG wait in line...) and to the store for other food and drink etc and then zip back home to completely blitz the kitchen, lounge etc so it's ready for a huge feast tomorrow. I was hoping for a relaxed Christmas Day but I guess we can't always have what we wish for. :ROFLMAO:

Have a great day tomorrow. Hopefully you can all spend some time with your families.


how'd i get to be so good?
Happy christmas gang! It was probably the quietest Christmas I've had yet but that was kind of nice in of itself. Just had dinner & watched the new Matrix with the fam and then played Nocturne on the PC for the evening. Good shizzle all around.

Oblivion Knight

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I hope that everyone has managed to have a good Christmas and New Year, despite any challenges that may have arose!

My partner and I should have been going to her parents for Christmas lunch, but her Dad ended up testing positive for COVID on the 23rd. So I had a similar last-minute dash to the shops to try and piece something together.. I was quite surprised at how much I was able to get, although it did take a visit to two different supermarkets. The only thing I didn't manage to get was prawns, so we made do with a nice soup for starters instead.

As James has already said, thank you to those who continue to visit and support the community - even if I haven't been able to do the same of late. After taking a break for mental health reasons, I had started to try and gradually ease myself back in to the swing of things. Thankfully things have continued to improve from that perspective, but I made the conscious decision to try and improve my family life and reduce my time spent in front of a screen outside of work. I simply haven't had the spare time to commit to Umbrella Online as a result.

What does that mean going forwards? Who knows.. I'm going to try and find a happy medium, but I'm just finishing moving in with my partner so activity may still be lacking somewhat for a few more weeks. I still have ambitions for the project, but some (many) things are more important.