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📰 News Mega Drive Mini 2 on the way

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📰 News Mega Drive Mini 2 on the way

Sega reveals the Mega Drive Mini 2 (which will be most likely known as the Genesis Mini 2 in the USA).

It was going to happen at some point - Sega are continuing the trend of miniaturised and modernised versions of retro consoles. Previously they released the Mega Drive / Genesis Mini which was based on the first version of the Mega Drive / Genesis, which boasted 42 emulated games.

This new device is expected to come with 50 emulated games, including some which were exclusive to the Mega CD / Sega CD add-on such as Shining Force CD and Sonic CD. Interestingly, the arcade version of Fantasy Zone is also being included which marks the first time the game has been released for the Mega Drive (albeit in emulated form, no doubt somebody will rip the ROM and put it into a cartridge so it can be played on real hardware). The device itself will have a HDMI output and comes bundled with just one six-button controller.

So why are we, a survival horror niche site covering such a device you may ask? Well, Mansion of Hidden Souls is also being included which was exclusive to the Mega CD. The game is a horror-puzzle game in the same vein as Myst where you explore a large, ornate Mansion and whilst puzzle-solving, encounter ghosts who take the form of butterflies. It's a great throwback title to a genre that has not had much action this side of the millennium so I for one am looking forward to seeing how people feel about it now, and if the fear factor still sticks!

Oblivion Knight

I saw something about a rumoured Saturn or Dreamcast Mini.. I'm guessing now that SEGA have announced this, those rumours can unfortunately be put to bed for now.