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Hakuna Matata
Have you ever consumed cannabis?

What are the different ways of consuming cannabis?

Why do people use cannabis?

What does your country think about cannabis?

What should happen to people who drive under its influence?

4-20 Weed GIF


I don't use it. I know there are genuine medical reasons why it could be a good thing - but I'm an old fashioned guy.. I don't see any point in doing anything like that recreationally. If you need a substance to relax, you're not relaxing right.


Alex (Evil Resource)
I'm of a similar opinion to @jamesyfx , I see the benefits. But unfortunately I have had experience with a lot of people who completely misuse it and spent a very large proportion of their adolescence in darkened rooms with a gathering of likeminded plebs, getting stoned out their brains all day, talking bollocks, working menial jobs and counting the seconds before they can return to their dwellings to resume their dark descent into "relaxation". Some of these people had great potential too, could have gone onto doing something really cool and impressive with their skillset, but for some reason thought it cooler to stink to high heaven all the time. Ah well, to each their own.

I'm not a drug taker, I only drink when I'm out in the town with friends, and even then I don't overdo it. My method of relaxation is to sleep, or read a book, or watch a movie I've seen a thousand times already. The last thing I want to do is pollute my mind with any substance that could compromise my mental state in any way. Usually when I think of drugs that the person has to use regularly, especially at home, I immediately think "what are they trying to escape from?" But that's just my take.
When it became legal for recreational use in Canada, I used to jokingly assume their flag would become a bit of weed rather than the red maple leaf they have.

Welcome to Canabis. I mean, Canada. :p


how'd i get to be so good?
I used to smoke it every day but in the last year for the most part I've cut it down to something I'd only smoke on the weekends when I'm off work. Drinking/smoking at home on the weekend is pretty normal to do in Ireland, but ultimately I'm not good at managing extreme emotions so if I'm going through a hard time I do tend to smoke more, but I've been going to therapy for the last 6 months so thats something that should stop being an issue as time goes on.

In Ireland weeds fully illegal, and among the general people typically younger people think it should be legal and the older folk think it should stay illegal. Considering I have had problems with it in the past and can still be not-great with it, and considering I know other people who have problems with it I totally get why its illegal, but at the same time my uncle died from drinking beer & smoking cigarettes all day so it is a bit silly some substances are legal and some arent.

Despite mine & other peoples problems with it I think weed and other drugs should be regulated, people are gonna find a way to get them regardless of what a countries laws say, it ultimately currently funds black markets which involve literal kidnappings / murders, and the more tolerant a country is towards drug use the better support structures are gonna be in place to help people that use them for the wrong reasons.

Spoilered because kinda getting off topic here, but as someone with ASD that's really struggled with opening up about my mental health over the years I do think there's genuine potential for drugs like MDMA to actually help people when they're used in controlled, professional environments.
Completely anecdotal experience here, but the only time I used to ever open up about what was going on would be if I was at a house party on MDMA and my sister asked how I'd been recently.

Like what I said about weed earlier that is completely down to me not really knowing how to open up about things but I can definitely still see clear potential there for MDMA to be used as some form of treatment in controlled environments where it can't really be abused. If nothing else I think it's something that should have more research done into it.

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