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Lights on or off?

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Lights on or off?

Lights on or off?

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Wiki team
I play with the lights on, purely from a comfort perspective. Iā€™m getting on a bit.. a bright screen in a dark room might give me a bit of a headache! šŸ˜‚

When Doom 3 first came out I set my gaming room out with 7.1 surround speakers (wired.. cables all over the floor like I was on a film set) and had all the lights off.. That was a great experience, and that game was great at directional audio. Donā€™t have the patience to set up that kinda thing these days as I would want the cables hidden...!


Walking dead
I'm not great with horror games so the lights will always be on. And I also make sure to only have one earphone in so that I'm aware of my surroundings. I don't want someone coming in and me getting scared because I'm so focused on the game :ROFLMAO:


Lab rat
I usually have the lights off anyway and just a load of ambient lights on instead. I voted off but if that doesn't count, and only complete darkness other than the TV matters, then I play with them on.


Virus cell
I make sure to keep lights on if it's post midnight because we are already living in secluded area. And so keeping the lights off may not work well for most of us. I make sure to keep lights in that case.


Virus cell
Lights on for me! I don't need to be THAT scared :D I live in the country so when the lights are off it's really dark in my house because there are no city lights to make the sky outside bright.

Brad P

Virus cell
When playing horror games, do you usually play with the lights on or off? šŸ’”


I very rarely play in total darkness, I tend to play with my lights dimmed - more because it can hurt my eyes otherwise.
Nothing more scary than having the lights off as well as the landing light off with door open it can really mess you up when you have a scary part happen with flashing lights and you turn around and see shadows.

Squeaky bum time....