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Least favourite monster?

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Least favourite monster?


Wiki team
Opening this up to the forum; what is your least favourite monster in Resident Evil? Can be either because they are an absolute nightmare to deal with or they may just have a strange design that doesn't look right to you.

Or for whatever other reason!

I've never been keen on the Uroboros monsters from Resident Evil 5; I get that in context they're supposed to look like an uncontrolled writhing mass, but from a boss point of view a blob of tentacles with obvious looking weak points isn't the most creative choice.

There's a human body in there somewhere, I swear!

Oblivion Knight

It's been a long while since I've played Code: Veronica, but I seem to recall the Sweepers being pretty lethal..?

..to be honest I've not been a fan of the "mutations" since they appeared in Resident Evil 4 with the Las Plagas after removing the head of a zombie.. It felt a bit of a cheap tactic to increase the difficulty to me. The leeches in Resident Evil Zero weren't much better, mind you.