Last film you watched?

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Last film you watched?


The Last Stand on Netflix a few days ago. A decent film with a few silly scenes. Definitely, a good watch though if you don't mind things like that and some parts not making any sense.


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I watched Venom 2 yesterday.

… Kinda disappointed by it. Very by-the-numbers and there were too many silly moments in it. It’s like they were trying to do the Deadpool thing. Also, they really rolled the horror elements back a lot in this one. Plus the main threat really wasn’t in it for that long at all, and got defeated rather easily.

But that credits scene. Wowzers. That did get me rather excited!

It doesn’t imply a whole lot, but I THINK Venom gets transported into the MCU in the scene, as Peter Parker’s Spider-Man appears on the TV.