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đź“° News Lance Reddick dead at 60

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It is with great regret to announce that actor and musician Lance Reddick, known best for his roles in The Wire and John Wick franchises died suddenly of natural causes yesterday (Friday March 18, 2023).

In the video game universe he starred as Sylens in Horizon Zero Dawn and was also cast as Albert Wesker in the Netflix Resident Evil series — arguably the standout feature of the series.

For me, any scene he was in absolutely stole the show. I loved the hotel scenes in John Wick and any Albert Wesker scenes in the Resident Evil series are the best scenes (I would love to see a super cut of these actually).

In my opinion, Lance Reddick was one of the most talented actors to ever grace our big and small screens and it is so heartbreaking that he has passed away. When I heard the news yesterday as I was about to turn in for the night, I couldn't believe it.

Rest in Peace.

Out of a mark of respect for Lance, we are skipping the planned Resident Evil 4 Remake countdown for today.

I'll make it my task for next week to watch the Resident Evil Netflix series..
I just thought I would add an update - the recorded cause of death has now been released, which was a combination of ischemic heart disease and atherosclerotic coronary artery disease.

In basic terms, the arteries had shrunk which reduced blood flow to the heart and additionally there was a build-up of plaque which reduced the blood flow even further.

However, it has been reported that his family as well as an attorney who has long represented Lance (and now his next of kin) are disputing the coroner's report - stating that there was no autopsy done and Lance had no history of heart problems or concerns.

Me, personally - I am surprised to hear that cause of death, as he always seemed to be a super fit looking guy. But then again, he did die very suddenly also which could very well be the result of an undiagnosed heart problem. I hope the family get the truth that they need.

If anybody wishes to offer their support, they can do so by heading to the Baltimore-based (Lance's hometown) The Walden School - https://waldenschool.org/ or MOMCares - https://www.momcares.org/ and make a donation.

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