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Ion Fury

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Ion Fury


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Anyone played this? It came out a couple of years ago and was a lovely surprise. It's a classic style first person shooter, and is actually a prequel to another game called Bombshell.


So the weird thing about this game is that it is actually using Ken Silverman's Build engine (a.k.a. the engine that powered 1996's Duke Nukem 3D) - it's pretty amazing that they manage to leverage such an old game engine, and oddly enough the last time it was used for a commercial product was back in 1999, so a full TWENTY YEARS after.

It's heavily modified and modernised in certain spots but for the most part it runs and plays like a classic FPS. You run really fast, and it's lots of shooting. I've not seen any of the enemies use hitscan weapons so you can dodge all projectiles if you're quick enough. I recommend it to any FPS fan... but not to those that like more tactical shooters. As the only tactical play in this is.. avoid getting hit. :ROFLMAO: