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In space, Capcom can hear you scream!

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Quality Meat

Oct 27, 2022
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If Capcom took the franchise into outer space for the first time ever, would you enjoy it? It doesn't even have to involve aliens. It could just be they put people up there to work and live, and something happens to go haywire.

I reckon it may not sound too ridiculous. It depends on the story. I think running around a space station or solitary red planet could lead to intensity with the scare factors. But I would have to have faith the story wouldn't be too out there. No pun intended.
Hmm, I think a space themed spin-off might be good.

Lets think.

It turns out Umbrella launched some of their most dangerous samples into orbit on a super secret lab so they stay out of unwanted hands. Unfortunately some hapless NASA or SpaceX teams stumble upon it as its now pretty wrecked. Everyones dead on board, but they unwittingly spread the viruses which brings the dead back to life.

Your mission is to find out what happened to them. UNFORTUNATELY you get locked in and the only rescue terminal is in the deepest part of the lab where the big bad boss lives.

Could do something with that. It will be called Resident Evil: Prey Dead Space
My post was intended as a subtle jab at Capcom's storytelling abilities.

You know they are outta ideas when RE8 tried to be Hocus Pocus and a RE4 clone at the same time. I thought the whole game was garbage, with terrible gameplay and a story so absurd, it made me hate the franchise all the more.

I think that Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is so underrated, because I personally think that's one of the better, fairly recent games.

It's not exactly very new any more, though. It was released in 2015. But playing as both Claire and Barry with a dark villain in Alex Wesker was nothing to complain about.

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