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I'm lovin' it

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I'm lovin' it

Oblivion Knight

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I found this to be quite an interesting watch, especially if you have any interest in game preservation and archiving..

In summary, there is a McDonald's "training" programme on the Nintendo DS that was thought to be lost to time. This video follows a journey that spanned a decade, and informs how this 'game' was recently rediscovered and uploaded for all to experience..!

It feels somewhat reminiscent of Resident Evil 1.5 and how it went from being a few archival screenshots and magazine clippings that were written in Japanese, to being able to play near complete and English translated builds of the game.



That actually sounds like a lot of fun and I would have loved the chance to try it out. Would definitely be interesting to see more companies do things like this


how'd i get to be so good?
Lol yeah this is definitely a pretty neat idea, really glad such efforts exist to preserve all forms of video games, even more sillier instances such as this.