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🗣️ Community I see that town..

Umbrella Online. It reminds me of a town I'd read about many years ago, Silent Hill.. eerily quiet and shrouded in a thick fog, nobody around but for a remaining few and they too appeared to be lost and confused..

Don't mind me, I'm just monologuing.. 😅 Things clearly aren't as I'd like them to be at the moment, activity is minimal and updates are few and far between, but my thanks once again to @jamesyfx for trying to keep things ticking along! The 'blame' (for lack of a better word) I place squarely on myself, personal circumstances have changed since re-launching the project. I'm not giving up, I just have to try and find a way to rebalance the commitment of running a website somehow.

You'll have noticed that a few changes have been made in line with this post. Bits of functionality have been removed, and all non-horror related discussions have been moved to Off Topic. Given how quiet things are it made sense to cut some "bloat", remove features that we don't really utilise as intended, and try to reduce the overall space of inactivity.. This process may well continue into the next day or so, in order to starting making plans for the future.

On that note, moving forward there will be a bigger focus on the News and Wiki since this is the content that will hopefully start driving a bit of natural website traffic. If you have an interest in Resident Evil or Horror in general, and would like to write for us then please reach out. There is also a possibility of a new design, but we'll see how that pans out..


how'd i get to be so good?
Great to see you two are still at it. The more condensed board layout is a great change, definitely helps make the place feel more active. You could always add some tags/prefixes to certain boards if you wanted them to be sub-categorized better, but I think things look great as they are right now.

Youre dead right the News/Wiki are likely to be your biggest sources of traffic, it's super easy to optimize such sections of forums for better load times & SEO. I'd recommend trying to get some backlinks for some of the more "important" wiki pages, e.g. ones you can imagine people would be looking for the most, so that they show up higher on Google. I ran some of the wiki pages through page quality tests and they look good, so a bit more domain authority from backlinks and I think you could find the Wiki generating a good bit of traffic.


I'll be honest with you guys (and the greater public), the Wiki was probably not intended to be anything more than a list of things that were in the games, but it spiralled out into a huge passion project for me, and it is ongoing. Every now and again I'll come up with a new idea and try it out.

It's crazy to think that 95% of the content on there is from me. I do need help though - my diction isn't the best, and I'll freely admit that. I use too many of the same concepts and phrases and some pages could definitely do with being made more readable. Count how many times I use the words however, unfortunately, eventually, interestingly, managed... :zombie_partying:

But hey, the Wiki is meant to be edited, and I welcome anything constructive!
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Oblivion Knight
Oblivion Knight commented
I wonder if I still have pictures of the initial versions of the Wiki 🤔 I've seen myself as a facilitator with the Wiki and have been (more than) happy to step aside from the writing aspect of things.. I really should try and contribute to it a bit more though!

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