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I really need to get back in to the series

Oblivion Knight

Confession time.

At the time of writing, Resident Evil Zero was the last title in the series that I actually finished.

I've played the original Resident Evil 4, as well as Resident Evil 5 in parts - but haven't actually finished a playthrough of them yet.. and as for the later releases, nope - never touched them 🤭
Man, I haven't touched any of the old games for years, besides their cases. Ha-ha.

I really have lost interest in the direction of the series, as I just don't find the new era makes sense. That's because I don't like how a lot of story aspects never gets resolved. There's always a new villain, threat or something to contend with, but it now feels like they kind of just tack on this stuff for the sake of piggybacking off the legacy the franchise has built up. Probably why the year 1998 keeps being revisited, but you can see they really just do this for the hell of it.

Capcom could do more to rectify this issue if they tried hard enough, but they always just throw in more plot devices that makes it all the more hard to understand, care about, or whatever.

Ultimately, every principal character the series has, are too strong and aware now. So little about RE games can scare me anymore. A fully grown man.

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