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How often do you keep up with the news?

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How often do you keep up with the news?


Wiki team
I read news on my phone every day.. occasionally I’ll pick up a free paper if I spot one on my commute but I would never bother buying a newspaper or subscribing to ‘premium’ news - if it’s important news it will be available to all at no cost... It’s just the lame opinion pieces and dumb articles which tend to be behind a paywall...


Lab rat
Eh not that often. I used to keep up with it more but for the most part it's just kind of a waste of time IMO, in 99% of cases it's not like I'll be able to do anything about what I'm reading so you just sit there miserable for no good reason lol


Walking dead
I mainly rely on BBC news and Metro (the websites usually). I also tend to get some of my news from both Twitter and Reddit, both of which are great to find out whats happening around the world.

Oblivion Knight

I don't really follow the news unless it's thrown in my face.. It wasn't doing my anxiety any good.

It's not that I avoid it as such, I just don't actively pursue it..