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HD remaster of Resident Evil (Remake) a visual downgrade?

  • jamesyfx
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Oblivion Knight

Bang bang!
Sep 22, 2020
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Ok, certainly not for the game in its entirety - but Capcom purportedly lost some assets for the game during the time between the original release and the HD remaster and had to re-create them from scratch..

In this scene for example, look at the mirror and the bird cage..

It makes you wonder if there are any other examples of this! 🤔
I don't find losing assets as a reasonable excuse for worse visuals. Granted, they may not be a 1:1 visual to the original, but we have much better software and talent today to make the replacements better than the old ones. This would be like Marvel losing Iron Man's original prop helmet and just using a cardboard box instead since they didn't have the original.
I find it interesting that they used low poly assets for pre-rendering. You'd think they'd go for the highest possible quality!

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