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Have you been gaming a lot during this WFH(work from home) time?

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Have you been gaming a lot during this WFH(work from home) time?


To be honest, that's a big fat no for me. I haven't been able to play much these days and the workload is too much as well. What about you guys? Have you been gaming a lot? If so, how do you manage your work/studies and gaming at the same time?

Also, would you like to change your gaming lifestyle?
Or would you want stick onto it? Do share us the details :D


Wiki team
So.. I haven’t really been working from home, my workplace has remained open throughout lockdowns and I’ve still had to travel to and from work even when the UK Gov told everyone to Stay at Home!

However I’ve been delving more into my retro gaming.. especially when I had Covid and had 3 weeks from work. I like playing games on real hardware… bur I’ve also been experimenting with emulation and hacking retro games. For example I’ve recently been playing Metroid games … e.g. Super Metroid with a 16:9 widescreen hack and Metroid Prime Trilogy with full keyboard and mouse FPS controls.

I’ve got a PS5 and a Switch but I’m still playing more PS3 and GameCube right now.


Definitely a lot more than I would have normally been able to. Not having to commute at the end of the day means I basically have an extra hour to do what I want which basically equals gaming time. I can sometimes use my lunch break for gaming as well