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Anyone played this? It's available for pretty much any PC-based VR device that also has touch controllers.

I played it when it first came out and thought the interactivity was brilliant. I've just set up my VR stuff again with more space to play so I gave this another try and it still holds up! Even more things to mess around with then Rick & Morty and Job Simulator. For example you can pick up bottles, bricks etc.. and throw them, break them. Even throw stuff at enemies to injure them. There's also loads of things to mess around with in the game world like radios, pens, whiteboards yadda yadda. If it looks like you can touch it, you probably can.

It's a lot of fun aiming and shooting, and weapon handling really is excellent.. For example(s)..

- You can literally look through a scope just by moving the sights closer to your eye level... and you find yourself closing one eye to get a more stable view.
- Although releasing a magazine/opening a weapon is done with a button press, you have to feed the magazine or insert the ammo manually by pulling it off your back and loading it into the weapon, followed by cocking the weapon. You can also just fiddle around with stuff on the gun e.g. with the pistol you can play around with the slide or put your other hand underneath for stability.

It's also got great gravity gun-like controls where each hand you can basically point at stuff and whip it right into your hand. But you do have to catch it.. it is possible to miss the item and it flies past you. So really catching stuff all the time gives you a good feeling.

A lot of VR games are essentially baked experiences that are more for you to look around at, it's refreshing to see a full-fledged title that lets you do that plus it's actually a decent videogame.

So yeah... Anyone here played it? Thoughts??