Grenades in RE games...

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Grenades in RE games...


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Do you use Grenades in the games? Whether it be from a launcher or thrown.

I know sometimes it's better to use Acid Rounds and Flame Rounds on certain enemies to kill them quicker.. but we all know the best solution is usually just to RUN. :ROFLMAO:

I tend to avoid explosives and throwables in the series - I just think a nice precise handgun round is much more fun. Particularly in RE4 and 5.. I mainly just used grenades as a source of money!

Oblivion Knight

I haven't really played enough of the "newer" games where they feature so much.. Though I'm guessing they come in handy against some of the larger hordes of zombies or other enemies.

This year might be the year where I have to finally tackle RE4 šŸ˜‚


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I don't often use throwable grenades, but I do often use the launchers to take out bigger enemies / bosses.

Acid / flame rounds are useful especially.