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Getting hold of a PS5.

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Getting hold of a PS5.


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So for those in the UK, the PS5 was released yesterday. Kind of.

Nobody seemed to be able to get hold of one, even some of those people that pre-ordered the thing have been told there's a delay. Most stores ran out of stocks by the morning, and some retailers are blaming poor delivery services for their issues (some couriers were saying the unexpected size of the thing meant it couldn't deliver as many as it thought in it's vans). There's even Instagram-style AR filters out there which project a fake PS5 box into a video.

You'd think with all the pre-orders flying around the retailers would know how many to allocate and realistically should have been able to get these machines out to whoever needs them. I know manufacturing isn't running as it should because of COVID, but still... Scalpers seem to be able to get hold of them quite easily... :ROFLMAO:

Anyone here been trying to get one? Anybody actually got one??

I decided not to bother, and I'm kinda glad I didn't... I went for a PC upgrade instead which gives me the Ray Tracing stuff I was missing.. which the new consoles support. I won't be able to play any of the exclusives, but I'll be able to run all the other stuff better.. :whistle:

As reported by the BBC:

Oblivion Knight

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I'll most likely get one, but not for a couple of years at least.. I guess we should be kinda used to botched console launches by now, it seems to be a reoccurring thing where there's never enough stock to meet the initial demand.

I don't have the spare time to play the games I already have, hence my backlog is currently in a pretty unmanageable state. I decided instead to invest in a new TV, and upgrade my 12-year-old Plasma to a brand new 4K set with HDMI 2.1 support. I'm just waiting on delivery.. :)


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To be fair, I'm really not surprised they're struggling to get these out. AMD, Apple, Nvidia are all buying their wafers from TSMC, and in AMD's case they use them for their CPU's AND GPU's, and they're of course also making parts for the PS5 and Xbox. Adding COVID to the mix it's pretty understandable that TSMC are struggling to keep up with the demands of these behemoth companies (AMD aren't huge when compared to the others, but since Sony and Microsoft are their customers...)

It took about 3 months for AMD's desktop CPU shortages last year to stabilize, in this case with higher overall demand, Christmas and COVID my bet would be they'll all be more readily available maybe April '21.

As for when I'll get one, whenever Persona 6 comes out, if Atlus still keep it PS exclusive :p I think buying consoles close to their launch can be kinda silly because there's always initial run issues (like RRoD) and for it takes a while for a consoles library to build up outside of ports.