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Favorite Hobbies on the Computer?

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Favorite Hobbies on the Computer?


Walking dead
What do you do for fun on the computer. Let me hear your top 3 favorite things to do on your PC or laptop.

For me my top three are being an admin of my forum and posting on it/running it, my 2nd would be to create html website templates and work on coding those and possibly add-ons which I plan to delve into soon. And my last favorite hobby on PC is playing small games like the Pokemon Trading Card Game online which I really enjoy.

What are yours?

Oblivion Knight

Obviously, Umbrella Online and everything involved with it has to be on there.. I love tinkering with code, trying to make us stand out from the crowd and getting things doing and/or looking (almost) exactly how I want them.. A lot of the time I prefer that side of being a webmaster to the actual participation of and writing content for a community, but so long as I find a good balance I can keep relatively motivated.

I also enjoy building mini-libraries of sorts, whether it's music, games, movies, tv shows.. Not strictly legal, but I feel like most people still do it - which isn't an excuse, but I just feel like why should I bankrupt myself doing something that I enjoy when others do the same. It's not like I don't buy games or films at all, but certainly I do get to experience more than I otherwise would do..

Finally I enjoy doing research. Perhaps not so much in the academic sense, but I like exploring options and alternative uses for gadgets that I own but would otherwise get limited use, and learning about new gadgets that I have no/little experience in. At the moment I'm researching the Elgato HD60 S+ to potentially capture and/or stream some game footage, which I'd be able to edit and upload for some unique content on Umbrella Online.


Wiki team
I don’t do much on the computer these days, but I design posters and prints myself to put around the house.

I take advantage of a printing subscription I get with my printer; it’s 15 free prints for month - and it’s per print. So one ultra quality photo print just counts as one, no matter how much ink gets used. So I don’t pay anything for ink cartridges - they just send another set for free once they’re empty. 😅

I do have a capture card for older games (S-Video and Composite) but I don’t really use it - I may though if people are interested. I have everything I need to start capturing modern PC games and older console games.. Just haven’t bit the bullet. But yeah gaming on the PC is a big one.. My system is high end so it can run anything.
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Oblivion Knight
Oblivion Knight commented
Reckon you could do me a print..? :lowered_sunglasses:


Walking dead
Checking out forums (which includes my own general discussion forum), doing some tasks for a company called Lionbridge which I get paid for, and just checking out some social media sites.


Lab rat
Top 3 things I'd do on the computer would be play games, work on my site and look for new music, in that order.
Sometimes I like to mess around with the OS as well, I used to be big into customizing my desktop but not so much nowadays as I'm never arsed looking for new wallpapers