Favorite Games on Xbox or Playstation?

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Favorite Games on Xbox or Playstation?


Was wondering if anyone is into playing battlefield. I'm very excited for a new battlefield to release on the new Xbox and I wanted to say that in all honesty the best battlefield they have released so far in my opinion actually is the one out now which is Battlefield V. I've had a blast over the years playing them.

Other games I haven't started but intend to play soon and already own is the new Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Rainbow Six Siege as well as several other titles I've been meaning to play including Borderlands 3. I'm mostly looking forward to Halo 6:Infinite on the new console. That will be a favorite of mine.

Please share just a few of your top favorite titles for these systems.


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My favourite PlayStation (exclusive) games are...

- Judgment - Basically the same kinda thing as a Yakuza game but this time you play as a framed detective. It’s got all the weirdness and charm you’d expect.

- God of War - The new style wasn’t to everyone’s taste but I thought it was brilliant, and I enjoyed all of the moment to moment pieces.

- Marvel’s Spider-Man - The obvious choice! The game is fantastic to play, they got the web swinging bang on, and the storyline is fun.

I do like FPS and shooter games but I’m not to much interested in the military-style ones, I got burned out a while ago on those. I’d definitely try one again though if it was different enough.