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[Fan Made] - Resident Evil 9 "all villains" concept

Oblivion Knight

Bang bang!
Sep 22, 2020
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Some may have seen this already, given it was actually published in August 2022 but..

TeaserPlay have put together a concept of every villain featuring in the series so far, coming together in a 'battle royale' of sorts for Resident Evil 9. It makes for interesting viewing, even if it (very likely) turns out to be completely inaccurate!

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The concept is amusing to me, all these crazy bad guys coordinating an attack together.

I imagine them all chilling in a big room with a large table in it, all complaining that they've been defeated in the past and it's ultimately all Leon's fault, for reasons unknown. And they're gonna all find in and kick his ass.
This would be an amazing horde mode. Each boss sends in their minions to take turns trying to remove the defenders, the eventually they start combining their groups and finally the bosses themselves attack.
Leon could be the main protagonist. For real, that is.

Me personally, I think they should go with Chris, as the "Blue Umbrella" stuff that RE7 began has been somewhat interesting. So it would be a pity for Capcom to get cold feet here and waste the opportunity to expand upon it. And as you know, the legacy of RE has definitely always been about what Umbrella has been planning.


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