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Wiki team
Easter is upon us.. for some it's the second biggest celebratory holiday after Christmas, for others it's just the chocolate egg day.. and for the rest it's just a day where everything is closed!

I'm part of the latter, but my partner is part of the first group and I'm always confused when she 'bigs up' Easter and talks about saying "Happy Easter!" to everyone and having a big christmas-like roast dinner... My family never did any of those things so I've just been brought up to be kinda passive towards anything apart from Birthdays and Christmas!

How important is Easter to you?


Lab rat
Yeah I'd be pretty much the same, Easter was never a super big deal in our house outside of it being chocolate day. My Dad always says, "Jesus came back from the dead on Easter so he could get his eggs!"
Personally, I dont think I know anyone who would value it greater than that, though I'm sure there are plenty of religious folk and such that would take it more seriously.

Oblivion Knight

Most definitely a celebration of chocolate eggs for me!

We've tended to just use it as an excuse to join together as a family and see each other again, and if there happens to be a roast dinner involved then so be it! Obviously it's been slightly different for the past couple of years though. Easter happened to coincide with my daughter's birthday this year, so I did an egg hunt for her.

I also had my Dad come over for a socially distanced visit which was nice.. I just really wanted to give him a hug though.


Media team
We celebrate Easter as a coming together of our families too. Roast dinner with all the trimmings.

Sometimes we don't see each other for months, so it is nice when everybody gets together.