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Don't Shit Your Pants

  • Kale
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Sep 24, 2020
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Technically not a Survival Horror game.. but it kinda is as it says so in the title.

Info: https://cellardoorgames.com/our-games/dont-shit-your-pants/

Play it here: https://www.silvergames.com/en/dont-shit-your-pants

Who has played this?

Also, has anyone ever played Rogue Legacy? Weirdly enough, it's from the same developer as this.

The goal of the game is to not shit your pants, and it's a text adventure. Very simple premise... I'd give it a whirl. You'll definitely fail the first few tries.

There are 10 awards.

Or if you're lazy, here's how to get them all (award 10 is awarded when you get all the other awards):

  1. pull door, remove pants, sit on toilet, shit.
  2. remove pants, shit.
  3. shit.
  4. pull door, sit on toilet, shit.
  5. suicide, remove pants (optional).
  6. take pills, fart gently, wait until time expires.
  7. part of 6.
  8. shit before typing play.
  9. remove pants (optional), wait until time expires.
  10. Earn the first 9 awards.
  11. Break the fourth wall.
I love this game and had a blast playing it.

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