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Do you travel a lot or stay home?

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Do you travel a lot or stay home?


Walking dead
Do you travel a lot or stay home? My little brother is currently living in Switzerland and I don't travel very much to go visit him only because I'm sick but he does stay there and I wish he'd move back home. Would be really interesting traveling to somewhere like England as well.

Oblivion Knight

I don't travel as much as I'd like to.. Life just kinda gets in the way with work and family commitments.

So far I've visited:
Ibiza (Spain)
Majorca (Spain)
Rome (Italy)
Paris (France)
Bruges (Belgium)
Dublin (Ireland)
Salou (Spain)

Le Mans (France)

I'm certainly hoping to get away again in the next year or two when the Coronavirus pandemic is a bit more under control.. šŸ˜Š


Lab rat
I've gone away a good bit on holidays with my family and such but I'm honestly not too into it, it's just too difficult to adjust to weather that isn't typical in Ireland or UK (like super sunny places)

I've been to the US, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Austria and probably other places I'm forgetting too.


Wiki team
I don't travel much anymore.. as you get older life gets more complex with more things to tie you to your hometown... Something I need to work on.

However I've been to various places across the US, Canada and the Mediterranean.