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Do you DLC?

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Do you DLC?

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The days of buying a game are no longer so straightforward, with extra downloadable content (DLC) being added at later intervals via digital storefronts at an extra cost.

These content packages can vary between additional playable chapter(s) from the main game, additional playable characters and/or vehicles, or simply appearance changes or 'early unlocks' that would otherwise only be available after completing specific tasks within the game. Of course, in the era of achievements and trophies there are often extra sets attributed to such content.

Are you a gamer who purchases these additional packs as they become available, do you wait for a sale, or do you wait for potential 'Game of the Year (GOTY)' or 'Complete' editions of the game to be released which often include the majority of additional content bundled with the game? Do you buy the extra content only for your favourite games, or are you an achievement/trophy completionist that has to have them all?

I generally wait for a sale or 'complete' editions, or even better - complete editions that go on sale.. :moneybag_face: I'm all for saving those pennies!

As a bit of a trophy collector, I tend to buy DLC for any games that I play or even ones that I haven't started yet, but intend on playing..


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I’m less invested in DLC these days - I used to buy Deluxe editions of games that came with Season Passes as well as extras but most often these days I don’t even get chance to try the DLC content. So I will just buy the standard edition.. and if I just happen to really like the game and want more, I’ll take it on the chin and pay more for DLC - MK11 is one example..


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It kind of depends, for games I know I like (ports for instance) I'll probably buy the deluxe edition because why not, but other than that not really... There have been games I quite enjoyed and said I'd get DLC for after, but I don't usually get around to it in these instances.

Some DLCs can be pretty good though, I liked The Witcher 3s DLC more than it's main story.


I don't purchase any DLC. There was a brief period where I was spending some money on the battle passes that games added but I've stopped with that now as well. There's only one developer I would ever purchase DLC from and that is Rockstar