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Do you care for any of the RE multiplayer games?

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Do you care for any of the RE multiplayer games?


For the most part, I don't care for the few multiplayer games that came out in the RE franchise. I am not adding RE5 to the list, as I think that was just co-op. I mean like 4 players or more, where it doesn't revolve around the main storyline of the game.

Games like RE: Resistance and that new one that came out alongside village called Re:verse. I think Umbrella Corps was the first one they tried doing like 4 player co-op and it turned out to be crap. Idk, ever since I kinda steered clear of the multiplayer only games that came out. Do you care for any of these games? I know some people liked Resistance, but it wasn't that good imo. I haven't played much of Re:Verse, but from what I did play, it was okay.

Do you guys care for the multiplayer games? Or do you mostly stick with the main storyline of games?


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I don’t care for them at all, especially Umbrella Corps which is probably one of the worst multiplayer games ever made, period.

I like playing Resident Evil at my own pace.. getting lost and fumbling around in the inventory are pastiches of the franchise that you just don’t get online.. as it’s just rush rush to get things done.


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I don't think I've played any of them honestly. I'd say it could be a good laugh but I imagine it could possibly just feel like L4D? I don't know much about them though so perhaps they're completely different.