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Did somebody say "Just Eat"?

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Did somebody say "Just Eat"?

Oblivion Knight

As much as we try and resist takeaway, sometimes it's just gotta be done.. What are you ordering? ;)

I've just ordered a 10" Pizza deal..
  • Toscana Pizza (Bacon, Ham, Mushrooms & Onions) + Pepperoni + Stuffed Crust
  • Small portion of Chips
  • Can of Pepsi
I had a voucher for 15% off that expired today, plus I'm dog sitting for my partner. That's my excuse for tonight anyway.. šŸ˜…


Media team
Honey chilli chicken. Boiled rice. Chips.

From our local Chinese is absolutely delicious.

I also get a vegetable curry, garlic pilau rice and a garlic naan from the Indian.



Walking dead
Not from Just Eat but we did just have some lovely dishes from the local Chinese takeaway which was amazing.

I'm team Uber Eats anyway, their frequent 50% off discount codes are amazing!


Wiki team
Uber Eats tempts me with treats such as KFC, McDonalds, Subway and Papa Johnā€™s on the regular. Itā€™s irritating just how quick and easy it is to get whatever you want at your door... :p

Though if I were to get Chinese, I normally go for Mongolian Beef or Salt n Pepper Crispy Shredded Beef in some kinda sauce. I like my BEEF!