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đź“° News Dead by Daylight™ Introduces Exciting Changes With Its Newest Archives Tome: Ascension

A wave of new content washes over Dead by Daylight™. Tome 15: ASCENSION, which releases tomorrow, April 19, features great improvements to the Rift: the Deep Rift with tantalizing new rewards, and a fresh Archive challenge that consists of unlocking new lore rewards. Players are also invited to take a deep dive into new Memories from the stars of the latest Chapter: Tools of Torment. They'll witness the legendary Ashley J. Williams' appearance as a guest star, with new memories and new voice lines. To top this already eventful day, several enticing Cosmetics Collections will bring unique flair to The Entity's Realm.

Welcome to the New Rift

Players will have plenty of new features to tinker with in the Archives Tome 15 release. The new Archives Tome will also showcase Cosmetics and Charms drawn from the memories and lives of The Skull Merchant, Thalita and Renato Lyra – stars of the latest Dead by Daylight Chapter. These will also appear as rewards from The Rift.

Along with the new Rift comes the Deep Rift (Bonus tiers), available following the completion of Tier 70, emphasized by a new golden glow that indicates its special tiers and extended rewards to unravel that are 100% exclusive.

Beached Fragments of the Past

Tome 15: ASCENSION brings a new Archives challenge to The Entity's Realm: players will find image fragments randomly in Maps. They'll need to piece them together to unlock more lore. The best part of the challenge is that it isn't role specific! All players need to do to complete the challenge is either to deposit the fragments or escape alive with them.

Tome 15: ASCENSION is available tomorrow, April 19 at 11:00AM EDT via Steam, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Epic Games Store, Windows Store and Nintendo Switch.


Available today, Dead by Daylight will receive a slew of Cosmetic Collections for plenty of Survivors and Killers. Players looking for more casual looks for their Tools of Torment characters will be delighted by the beachy-chic Tools of Torment Collection, composed of the Cyber Assassin Outfit for The Skull Merchant, the Family Reunion for Thalita Lyra, and the Family Dinner for Renato Lyra.

The Wasteland Collection, brings dilapidated-chic aesthetics to Felix's Downfall Remainder Outfit, Haddie's Wilderness Survival Outfit, as well as The Knight's Grim Campaign Outfit.

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About Dead by Daylight™

Created by Behaviour™ Interactive, Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer action horror game of hide and seek, set in a dark fantasy and drawing from all corners of horror, where each match is a different experience. Dead by Daylight boasts more than 50 million players both globally and across all platforms. On any given day, up to 2 million players step into The Fog, whether on PC, console, or mobile. Since its release in 2016, the game has become a place where cult classic horror survives and thrives, having welcomed legends from TV, movies, and video games. For more information, please visit deadbydaylight.com.

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