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COVID Christmas

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COVID Christmas

Oblivion Knight

Staff member
So on a more serious note, the UK government has announced that we can see our families and form "Christmas bubbles" between 23rd-27th December. However this must be in private homes, no more than 3 households can mix, and these bubbles cannot change during this period.

Does this affect your plans? Do you think people will stick to the rule (and how on earth can it be policed if not)?

Personally it doesn't affect me too much, although I may not get to see some people that I otherwise would have (mainly my ex's family). I don't have any concrete plans as yet, but I think that I will either be going to visit my Mum or Dad.. It doesn't seem very clear whether I could visit both, but the fact that "bubbles cannot change" would suggest not, even though technically it would only be 2 households mixing at each (total of 3). Having my daughter confuses things slightly as well, although it seems that she can be a part of both parents' bubbles.


Walking dead
We will visit my parents and my sister is returning from university, that is the three households.

It is a good thing the rules have been relaxed, because I feel nobody would of paid a blind bit of notice over the holiday period.

My brother is working away this christmas, he is on a oil vessel off the coast of Germany, so our plans have become less complicated as his partner and her daughter probably wouldnt want to visit without him.