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Consoles recommended

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Consoles recommended


I remember having the old Atari & having it hooked up to the TV in our kitchen. Considering it was in the 80’s, it was quite good as a starter. Of course, doesn’t compare to consoles now. Then there was Nintendo 64 we had. I don’t know if others did this too & even WHY we did it lol but do you remember when a game wasn’t working, blowing into the cartridge helped?

What are some consoles you recommend & why? What makes one better than the others?


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I’ve always been a fan of the GameCube. From an industrial design point of view it’s extremely robust and functional. Plus it has a carry handle.. What console since then has had one of those!!

It’s harder and expensive to buy the physical media these days but there are adapters you can buy that let games run from sd card.. as well as HDMI connections for certain models of the system.. so even a modern gamer can hook one up.


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Yep I remember blowing into the cartridges, it was to get dust and such out because sometimes it could stop the pins of the cartridge making proper contact.

More on topic, I'll +1 the Gamecube, that has some great games on there. I guess I'd generally be a Sony guy + the odd Nintendo game like Zelda, but I tend to just stick to PC these days so I can't even really comment on what any of the Sony exclusive games are like. :D